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Udaipur City Palace Complex the climax of the Mewar opulence

Impossible to miss and even harder to forget, Udaipur City Palace represents the highlight of a visit in what is called (in my opinion exaggerating) the Venice of the East. Venice it is not but the palace will be a literal feast for your eyes. The Mewar dynasty, the oldest serving dynasty in the world, is who we have to thank for this fairy masterpiece.

Not everything is perfect though, all the positive adjectives that you might read everywhere will be fading away as soon as you have to deal with souvenir sellers and ‘friends’. But if you have been in the “Rajasthan tourist trail” for at least a few hours you will be more than used to it. No potential hassle should divert your attention from the orgy of architectural beauty that is awaiting you behind the Badi Pol (Great Gate). Continue reading