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Shipping your vehicle from Australia: all you need to know

After enjoying the freedom of having your own vehicle in the desolate roads of the Australian outback, the busy east coast, or the wild west coast you will sooner or later have to ship your motorbike/car/truck back home (like me) or even better keep travelling somewhere else around the world (good for you).

I have to admit that the procedure in my case was made easier by the shipping company Tradelanes who helped me a lot to solve all the small bureaucratic annoyances involved in the process. After the pain of shipping from East Timor to Darwin I found dealing with the professionality of Stewart of Tradelanes almost too easy. Continue reading

Shipping a motorbike from Kathmandu to Bangkok

Shipping the bike from Kathmandu to BangkokFor the motorbike riders who after a bellyful of kilometers on the roads of India and Nepal want to proceed to Southeast Asia one of the cheapest options is to ship via plane the motorbike from Kathmandu to Bangkok.

Other options are 1) dealing with India bureaucracy in some harbour or airport in India 2) pay tons of money to either cross Burma or China (Tibet) with the mandatory support of a local travel agency.
Continue reading